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The Kingdom of Mysticus is a setting for D&D (3.5 or Pathfinder). The kingdom is recovering from a failed rebellion and is ripe for invasion by darker forces from beyond the Doom Keeper. This site represents the party's knowledge of the world, so some information is deliberately left vague -- not merely the DM's lack of fleshing out of the world (though, that is sometimes the case, too).

World Background

Kingdom of Mysticus: The large kingdom that dominates the known world.

War of the eagle: A recent failed rebellion led by Archduke Aetius against King Horatius.

Barony of Gallia: A small barony at the edge of the kingdom still fighting remnants of the revolution.

Church of Laelia: Dominant religion of Mysticus, worshiping the great mother goddess Laelia.


House Rules


Sanity: Because some things were never meant to be seen by mortal eyes.


Aristocrat: Augmented from 3.5/Pathfinder to be suitable for player characters. NPCs may still use the Pathfinder Aristocrat.